I’m Roger.  I’m fifty-something and happily married. I get around, being as I drive a transport to various places in Canada and the U.S.

I spend a lot of time alone, thinking and wondering, and I’m thinking that a blog might be a great place to unload those thoughts and get some feedback; after all, if there’s just you and your mind, how will you know if your crazy? And just who IS that voice who’s talking back? (Just kidding…)

So I like cats, other people’s dogs, good food and the cooking of it, family, taking photos  ( I have another blog for that) and camping. I listen to CBC, BBC, sometimes NPR  ( Sunday evenings is not bad on NPR), and Deep Tracks, (Sirius27). I grump at sentences starting with “so”, truckers who insist on preserving the dumb trucker stereotype (maybe they ARE dumb!), new country music, the conscious incompetence of local politicians, and the goddamn autocorrect thingy on mobile devices. (hey, it’s a good idea, but there should be a special place in hell for the shmuck that decided how it should work! )

If you’re curious why “storm avoider”, my son-in-law called me that a couple of years ago: every time a winter storm came through, I was either just behind it, just ahead of it, or somewhere else entirely. And my reputation is intact this year too :).

So let’s type away, and see what happens. Hopefully there’ll be some good dialogue and lots of fun and humour.